Larsen NLA-MM Magnet Antenna Mount NMO

The NMO mount is a premium Motorola-style 3/4” hole mount.

The Larsen company makes high quality NMO mount mobile amateur antennas.
The NMO mount is a premium Motorola-style 3/4” hole mount. T

he Larsen NMO MMR magnetic antenna mount is for use with Motorola-style, NMO antennas. This Motorola-style magnet mount provides temporary, easily removable mounts for mobile antennas. This high frequency, 0 - 3000 MHz. NMO mount features a fully weatherized cable interface and a center pin that is removable to convert it from a standard frequency mount to a high frequency mount. The mobile antenna mount is constructed from a zinc alloy body plated with copper and nickel.The vehicle mount thread size is 1-1/8 inch -18. The Larsen vehicle magnetic mount for Motorola-style antennas includes 12 feet of RG58A/U cable. UHF male connector is installed. Thread Size: 1-1/8"-18. Frequency: 0-3000 MHz. Color: Black. Connector: UHF crimp, installed. Cable Type: RG58A/U. Cable Length: 12 feet.