Anova 2&1 CanOBD Car Analyzer #3120

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Equus Products took all of the features of their CanOBD2 tool and added OBD1 coverage for 1982-95 vehicles with their Innova CanOBD 2&1 tool kits. The kits include the reader tool, software, and a soft case and adapters you need to read OBD1 and 2-equipped vehicles.

OBD1 Code Reader Coverage: General Motors 1982 to 1993 and some 1994 to 1995 models. Ford, Lincoln, Mercury 1983 to 1995 models with EEC-IV Systems. Performs: KOEO, KOER, Timing Check, Cylinder Balance Test, Output State Test, Wiggle Test. Toyota / Lexus 1991 to 1995. Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth 1984 to 1995. Jeep 1993 to 1995

I found this on the web with more info on this manufacturers 3120 OBD2 units -- I don't know if Stan's Unit is upgradable to do all of this.  The unit can definately be upgraded with the latest software for this unit and for the car codes of newer models.

About this item

  • MAINTAIN PEAK PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY ON THE ROAD - Innova’s 3120RS OBD2 Scanner helps you easily find the problem and fix the problem. The included car code reader app, RepairSolutions2 gives you real-time solutions to troubleshoot and fix your automotive issues. Get verified fixes from this code scanner, find and purchase the exact part required for repair, view maintenance schedules, receive technical bulletins, recalls, and access to Innova’s best-in-class database.
  • OBD2 CODE READER TO SCAN AND CLEAR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT - This car diagnostic tool empowers the home mechanic with professional-level functionality. It is a scan reader that reads and clears OBD engine codes. This OBD2 scan tool supports Oil Light Reset and also reads and shows your oil life display & level that helps you monitor your car’s lubricant status. This Innova scan tool supports English, Spanish, and French.
  • LIVE DATA FOR MORE ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS - With the Innova 3120RS OBD2 reader you can see your vehicle’s essential information like RPM, speed, and oil temperature in real time to help identify and correct problems. You can also check and test your battery and alternator, so you know whether you need to bring your car to a technician or not.
  • EASY SELF-DIAGNOSIS OF EMISSION STATUS AND OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Know your smog check results before your state does. This scanner tool determines whether you’ll pass the vehicle smog test. This diagnostic tool can also read and show your oil life display & level that helps you monitor your auto’s lubricant status easily.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH USA DESIGNED AND SUPPORTED PRODUCTS - Our California-based, ASE-Certified Customer Support Team is glad to assist you as you navigate through this product. It's a perfect diagnostic car scanner for all cars compatible, use it on any foreign or domestic 1996 or newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, or hybrid vehicle.