Kenwood TL-922A Linear Amplifier

The Kenwood TL-922A HF linear amp is designed to provide the maximum legal power

The Kenwood TL-922A HF linear amp is designed to provide the maximum legal power, utilizing two 3-500Z high-performance transmitting tubes. The amp features two meters for maximum operating convenience. Power is 2000W PEP SSB, 1000W DC CW/RTTY input. Drive power is 80 or more watts. (Not for QSK). The TL-922A covers 160, 80, 40, 20, and 15 meters.

Power requirement:  120/220V 28A 50/60Hz type. 220/240V 14A 50/60 Hz type. 15.4 x 7.5 x 16 inches 68.3 lbs. (390x190x407mm 31 kg).

Please Note: The Kenwood TL-922 was similar, but additionally covered the 10-meter band (28-29.7 MHz). It does not appear as if this is present on Stan's unit. You will need to check if this Modification may be available elsewhere.

For tuning, turn the PLATE variable condenser and LOAD variable condenser to each other to find the tuning point.
When tuned, the plate current becomes the minimum value. Do not allow more than 800mA to flow.
It is a high-end product in terms of both electrical performance and appearance.

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